This list relates to the semester Academic Year 2016 which ended on 31/10/2017
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  1. Links not working? Contact your librarian 1 item
    1. If any links do not work please contact the Subject Librarians


      Let us know which resource is not working and which list it is on. 



  2. Overview of subject 5 items
    Essential textbooks for this module
    1. Rethinking Inclusive Education: The Philosophers of Difference in Practice - Allan, Julie, SpringerLink (Online service) 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    2. Higher education: a critical business - Barnett, Ronald, Society for Research into Higher Education 1997 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    3. Understanding assessment and qualifications in post-compulsory education and training: principles, politics and practice - Ecclestone, Kathryn, National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (England and Wales) c2005

      Book Essential

    4. Improving Scottish education: ICT in learning and teaching - HM Inspectorate of Education (Scotland) 2007

      Book Essential

    5. Taking Learning to Task - Jane Vella August 1, 2000 (Hardcover)

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase Not available in the Library as you are supposed to buy this book

  3. Recommended Book chapters 1 item
    1. The political roots of environmental policy in agriculture - Martin Whitby, Peter Lowe

      Chapter Recommended A key chapter in this subject area

  4. Recommended Journals 5 items
  5. Recommended Journal articles 5 items
    1. Taxation and Public Financing of Stadiums - Stephanie Gruenhagen 2010-2011

      Article Recommended

    2. Choice, consumerism and devolution: growing old in the welfare state(s) of Scotland, Wales and England - SUZANNE MOFFATT, PAUL HIGGS, KIRSTEIN RUMMERY, IAN REES JONES 2011-6-30

      Article Recommended

    3. Testing the Norwegian phosphorus index at the field and subcatchment scale - Marianne E. Bechmann, Per Stålnacke, Sigrun H. Kværnø 2007

      Article Optional

  6. Recommended websites 2 items
    1. BBC News - Home

      Webpage Recommended Useful for uptodate news

    2. The Guardian

      Website Recommended Good for news

  7. Personal effectiveness videos and training exercises 13 items
    Skills to help you manage yourself, e.g., time management; stress management; public speaking.
    1. Stress 4 items
      1. Managing stress - Todd Dewett

        Webpage Recommended

      2. Getting Things Done - David Allen

        Webpage Recommended

      3. Overcoming Procrastination - Brenda Bailey-Hughes

        Webpage Recommended Especially the section on lack of confidence

    2. Time Management 3 items
      1. Time Management Fundamentals - Dave Crenshaw

        Webpage Recommended The beauty about this approach is that you can suggest whether you want the student to watch the whole video or just specific parts

      2. Managing Your Time - Todd Dewett

        Webpage Recommended

    3. Presentations 4 items
      1. Public Speaking Fundamentals - Lau, Laura Bergells

        Webpage Recommended

      2. Presentation Fundamentals - Tatiana Kolovou

        Webpage Recommended

    4. Assertiveness 2 items
      1. Effective Listening - Tatiana Kolovou, Brenda Bailey-Hughes

        Webpage Recommended

  8. BEYOND the READING LIST 3 items
    You are expected to read widely beyond this resource list. Make a start with your subject research guide
    1. Try the subject research guide for the most appropriate resources for your topic.

    2. The student's companion to social policy 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book  Read chapter Poverty and Social Exclusion