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      If any links do not work please contact the Subject Librarians

      Let us know which resource is not working and which list it is on.



  2. Required Texts and other reading material 5 items
    1. Lifetime Financial Advice - Roger, G Ibbotson 2007

      Webpage Essential Useful information on 'human capital' - for scanning rather than detailed reading

    2. Personal finance - Jane King, Mary Carey 2017

      Book Essential

    3. Be your own financial adviser: the comprehensive guide to wealth and financial planning - Jonquil Lowe 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential A fascinating, if somewhat idiosyncratic, book – well worth a read. I’d have as course text but it doesn’t cover some important essentials (for our purposes, at least).

  3. BEYOND the READING LIST 1 item
    You are expected to read widely beyond this resource list. Make a start with your subject research guide
    1. Try the subject research guide for the most appropriate resources for your topic.