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  2. Required / Recommended Books: 2 items
    1. Intellectual property law: text, cases, and materials - Tanya Frances Aplin, Jennifer Davis 2017


  3. Introduction to IPRs: 6 items
  4. Copyright (new) 16 items
    1. The history of copyright history (revisited) - M. Kretschmer, L. Bentley, B. Sherman 2013


  5. Trademarks 9 items
    1. United Kingdom Trade Mark and Design Decisions 2013 - Julius Stobbs 01/03/2014

      Article Recommended Westlaw

  6. Passing Off & Domain Names: 6 items
    1. Trade mark law and domain names: back to basics? - Spyros M. Maniatis, S. M. Maniatis 2002

      Article  Westlaw

    2. New gTLDs - protection or threat for IP owners? - Simon Chapman and Jenny Holmen 2006

      Article  Westlaw

  7. Breach of Confidence / Trade Secrets: 10 items
    1. Concepts of property in intellectual property law 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book  L. Bently : Trade secrets. Intellectual property but not 'property'. pp. 60-93

    2. Review of the law of privacy - Mark Lewis ...[and others] 2005

      Article  Westlaw

  8. Patents: 13 items
    1. Experimental novelty: Synthon v SmithKline Beecham - Andrew Sharples and Duncan Curley 2006

      Article  Westlaw

    2. Patents and biotechnology - Michael Spence 1997


  9. Design Rights 5 items
  10. IP On the Edge: 7 items
    1. Graphic justice: intersections of comics and law 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book  Read: K. Barker : Holy blurring of core copyright principles, Batmobile!, pp. 19-35

    2. Copyright 2010: the future of copyright - Brian Fitzgerald 2008

      Article Recommended Westlaw

    3. IP law post-Brexit - R. Arnold ...[and three others} 2017

      Article  Scroll down through the issue to the article download or press Ctl+F and type Bexit in the find box.

  11. Beyond the reading list 1 item
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