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  2. Module text: the text for this module (which you are recommended to purchase) 2 items
    1. The marketing of sport - Beech, John G., Chadwick, Simon 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase

    2. The relationship of the chapters of the text to the themes is:

       (A) What is sport marketing? 1-3, 23-24

       (B) Understanding the sport marketing consumer 4-8

       (C) Creating the sport marketing activity 9-10

       (D) Communicating sport marketing activites 11-14

       (E) Delivering the sport marketing experience 15-22

  3. You should also consult the other books on the subject in the library (mainly around GS 6.58), many of which are also in the Short Loan Collection. For example: 10 items
    1. International cases in the business of sport - Chadwick, Simon, Arthur, Dave, ScienceDirect (Online service) 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    2. Marketing and football: an international perspective - Desbordes, Michel, ScienceDirect (Online service) 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    3. Sports sponsorship and marketing communications: a European perspective - Lagae, Wim c2005

      Book Recommended Additional copies on order for the library

    4. The elusive fan: reinventing sports in a crowded marketplace - Rein, Irving J., Kotler, Philip, Shields, Ben c2006 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    5. Advanced theory and practice in sport marketing - Schwarz, Eric C., Hunter, Jason D., ScienceDirect (Online service) 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    6. Sports marketing: a strategic perspective - Matthew D. Shank, Mark R. Lyberger 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    7. Strategic sport marketing - David Shilbury, Hans Westerbeek, Shayne Quick, Daniel Funk 2009

      Book Recommended Additional copy ordered for the library.

    8. Introduction to sport marketing - Smith, Aaron 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

  4. Specific journal reading is indicated below as indicative of the types of material available 6 items
    1. Additionally, you are encouraged to read widely from the sources below. 3 items
      1. Sport Consumer Typologies: A Critical Review. - Bob Stewart, Aaron C Smith, Matthew Nicholson 2003

        Article Recommended

    2. In addition, 3 items
      there are a number of journals in the library (or available on-line) which directly cover sport marketing topics. You will also find articles and issues of standard marketing, sport and management journals containing relevant articles.
  5. Special issues of other journals also contain sport marketing related papers: 9 items
    1. It is also a good idea to look at some of the magazines on sport that are available from newsagents and to think about the advertisements and sponsorship exhibited in their pages.




      The sports industry has been one of the main users of the Internet in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking for governing bodies (eg Football Association), sports events (eg Commonwealth Games), broadcasters (eg Sky Sports), clubs (eg Stirling County), retailers (eg JJB Sports), ticket agencies (eg Ticketmaster) or pretty much anything official or unofficial, it is likely that there is a relevant web site. You are encouraged to explore in areas of the sports in which you are interested and in relation to the examples given in the classes.  

    3. One particular site that may be of use to remain up to date with current news include: The site which contains news items and at which you can register for a daily newsletter of sport business related news items – see

  6. Beyond the Reading List 1 item
    You are expected to read widely beyond this resource list. Make a start with your subject research guide
    1. Try the subject research guide for the most appropriate resources for your topic.