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  2. Essential reading 2 items
    1. Property, trusts and succession - George Lidderdale Gretton, Andrew J. M. Steven 2017


  3. Highly recommended reading: 3 items
    1. The laws of Scotland: Stair memorial encyclopaedia - Law Society of Scotland (electronic resource)

      Book  Read : Volume 18

    2. Scottish law of leases - Angus McAllister 2013


    3. Corporeal moveables in Scots law - D. L. Carey Miller, David Irvine, Scottish Universities Law Institute 2005

      Book  Digitised under the CLA Digitisation Licence therefore only available to students on module LLBU9PT

  4. Further reading: 6 items
    1. Scottish land law: volume 1 - William M. Gordon, Scott Wortley, Scottish Universities Law Institute 2009


    2. Scottish land law - William M. Gordon 2009/2010

      Book  Currently unavailable - Not yet published (publication is delayed until October 2018). On order for the Library.

    3. Land law - Roderick Paisley 2000


    4. Conveyancing 2016 - Kenneth Reid, George Lidderdale Gretton, Alan R. Barr 2017


  5. Journal Articles (Westlaw) 4 items
  6. Journal articles – not Westlaw 1 item
    1. Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 - pushing the boundaries - J. Fordyce 2010

      Article  Digitised under the CLA Licence therefore only available to students on module LLBU9PR. Also available in print in the Library.

  7. BEYOND the READING LIST 1 item
    You are expected to read widely beyond this resource list. Make a start with your subject research guide
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