This list relates to the semester Spring 2019 which does not start until 01/01/2019
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  2. Core textbooks 4 items
    1. Learning Outside the Classroom: Theory and Guidelines for Practice - Beames, Simon, Higgins, Pete, Nicol, Robbie 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    2. The teaching of science in primary schools - Wynne Harlen, Wynne Harlen, Anne Qualter 2014

      Book Essential

  3. General Sources (Alphabetical) 81 items
    1. Journeys outside the classroom - Simon Beames, Hamish Ross 17/12/2010

      Article Recommended

    2. Learning science in informal environments: people, places, and pursuits - Philip Bell, National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Learning Science in Informal Environments, ebrary, Inc c2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    3. Next Steps for Citizen Science - Rick Bonney ...[and six others] 28/03/2014

      Article Recommended

    4. Learning in nature - Michael Brody 11/2005

      Article Recommended Claims to have developed a comprehensive theory of learning in nature; it does include cognition and affective / feeling elements. Is the core of it really comprehensive? What is left out? Pages 610 – 613 are where you will find the core of it

    5. Elementary science indoors and out: teachers, time, and testing - Sarah J. Carrier, Linda P. Tugurian, Margareta M. Thomson 2013-1-11

      Article Recommended

    6. Creative teaching in primary science - Roger Cutting, Orla Kelly 2015

      Book Recommended

    7. Environmental education - Justin Dillon

      Chapter Recommended Digitised under the CLA Digitisation Licence therefore only available to students on module EDUU9E6

    8. ASE guide to primary science education - Wynne Harlen, Association for Science Education 2011

      Book Recommended

    9. The teaching of science in primary schools - Wynne Harlen, Wynne Harlen, Anne Qualter 2014

      Book Recommended

    10. Wild woods or urban jungle: playing it safe or freedom to roam - Gill Hope, Rebecca Austin, Harriet Dismore, Sue Hammond 11/2007

      Article Recommended

    11. Science: interpreting excellence - Kibble, Bob, Association for Science Education 2010

      Book Recommended

    12. Sense of place in environmental education. - Alex Kudryavtsev, Richard C. Stedman, Marianne E. Krasny 2012

      Article Recommended

    13. The global dimension in education and education for global citizenship: genealogy and critique - Greg Mannion, Gert Biesta, Mark Priestley, Hamish Ross 09/2011

      Article Recommended

    14. Concept cartoons in science education - Naylor, Stuart, Keogh, Brenda, GlaxoSmithKline 2010

      Book Recommended

    15. Assessing Learning in the Outdoors with the Field Trip in Natural Environments (FiNE) Framework - Orly Morag, Tali Tal 03/2012

      Article Recommended Read the literature and conclusion sections only perhaps

    16. A Review of Research on Outdoor Learning - M al March 2004

      Document Recommended

    17. Sense of place in the practice and assessment of place-based science teaching - Steven Semken, Carol Butler Freeman 11/2008

      Article Recommended Extract: "Thus conscientious, effective place-based science teaching must be informed not only by the sound scientific knowledge of the places of study (such as would underpin any good mainstream pedagogy) but also by a respectful if not mutual understanding of the diverse meanings and attachments affixed to these places. These meanings and attachments provide context for the scientific knowledge, and enrichment of the senses of place of students and instructor should be an expected learning outcome of a place-based science lesson, course, or curriculum" (Semken, 2005).

    18. Opening up the outdoors: Exploring the relationship between the indoor and outdoor environments of a centre - Alison Stephenson 01/2002

      Article Recommended Explores four dimensions of outdoor learning. See if they relate to your own teaching and experiences

    19. Teaching science in the primary classroom - Hellen Ward 2008

      Book Recommended

    20. Place-Based Curriculum and Instruction: Outdoor and Environmental Education Approaches. ERIC Digest.

      Webpage Recommended An easy going introduction to Environmental education, place-based education, and outdoor education and their linkages

  4. Some Selected articles from this journal: Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas 7 items
    1. Bee Hunt! Ecojustice in Practice for Earth's Buzzing Biodiversity - Michael P. Mueller, John Pickering 26/08/2010

      Article Recommended

    2. Children and Place: A Natural Connection - Valerie G. Vickers, Catherine E. Matthews 01/2002

      Article Recommended

    3. Kindergarten Scientists: The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow - Diana J. Durbin, Linda H. Pickett, Tenisha L. Powell 09/2011

      Article Recommended

    4. The Needs Of Trees - Amy E Boyd, Jim Cooper 10/2004

      Article Recommended

    5. Teaching the Web of Life - Yvonne J. Meichtry 10/2005

      Article Recommended

  5. Resource Links 8 items
    1. Mission:Explore It's adventure but not as you know it

      Website Recommended Mission:Explore is all about exploring and seeing the world in new ways. Created by The Geography Collective

    2. The Open Air Laboratories

      Webpage Recommended The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) network is an exciting initiative that is open to anyone with an interest in nature. We aim to create and inspire a new generation of nature-lovers by getting people to explore, study, enjoy and protect their local environment. In 2007 OPAL received a grant of £11.75million from the Big Lottery Fund.

    3. Forestry Commission - Climate Change - Information Pack

      Webpage Recommended Carbon Cycle, Global Warming - Currently unavailable.

    4. Cairngorms National Park - Learn - Cairngorms National Park

      Website Recommended Main website. For useful information Click on ‘The Park’ section on the website publications

  6. EDUCATION SCOTLAND Documentation 5 items
    1. Posts about environmental education - North American Association for Environmental Education.

      Webpage Recommended

  7. BEYOND the READING LIST 1 item
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