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Access EDUACC Division
Access: Introduction to Business and Management ACPU1M5 Module
Access: Introduction to Politics ACPU1A1 Module
Access: Introduction to Psychology ACPU1J1 Module
Access: Introduction to Science ACPU1C1 Module
Access: Introduction to Social Science ACPU1M2 Module
Access: Mathematics 1 ACPU1C2 Module
Approaches in Discourse Analysis TESPR02 Module
CALL Portfolio (part time) TESPP51 Module
Certificated Physical Education Senior Phase EDUUPE3 Module
Coaching and mentoring : principles and practice EDUP106 Module
Corpora in English Language Research and Teaching TESPD05 Module
Developing Literacy & Numeracy in the Middle & Upper Stages EDUU9P5 Module
Developing Pedagogy Across the Curriculum EDUU9E5 Module
Discourse Analysis TESPD03 Module
Dissertation (MRes) EDRP009 Module
Dissertation (part time) TESPP50 Module
Early Child Development EDUUEY1 Module
Education EDUEAP Division
Education and Learning: A UK Perspective ISS9EL Module
EDUU9E1/EDUU9X1 Education: Purposes, Principles, Practice EDUU9E1 Module
Engaging Critically with Professional Practices EDUP01 Module
Engaging Critically with Professional Practices EDUP001 Module
English Language Teaching EDUELT Division
Enquiry into Practice EDUU9H7 Module
Examining Professional Practices (Work-Based Learning) EDUP007 Module
Grammar for TESOL TESPD06 Module
Grammar for TESOL TESP004 Module
In Headship EDUP123 Module
In Headship 1 EDUP023 Module
Initial Teacher Education EDUITE Division
Into Headship 1 EDUP021 Module
Into Headship 2 Academic Year 2018/19 EDUP122 Module
Introduction to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) TESP005 Module
Leading Critical Collaborative Professional Enquiry 1 EDUP008 Module
Learner Diversity TQFU901 Module
Learner Diversity TQFPP01 Module
Learner Identity & Diversity TQFP001 Module
Learner Identity and Diversity TQFU9E1 Module
Learning Strategies 1 ACPU1LS Module
Link Practice TQFPP03 Module
Link Practice TQFU9PL Module
Literacy and Numeracy in the Early Years - moving to first level EDUU9P3 Module
Middle leadership:Principles and Practice EDUP103 Module
Nature of Educational Enquiry EDRP001 Module
PE 3 to 11: 'Foundation to Formative' 'BGE 1' EDUUPE1 Module
Pedagogy I: The Nature of Learning and Teaching EDUU9E3 Module
PhD in TESOL research TESPR03 Module
Policing EDUPOL Division
Principles of Language Learning and Teaching TESP001 Module
Principles of Language Learning and Teaching TESPD02 Module
Professional Development/Practice TQFPS4 Module
Professional Education EDUPRO Division
Professional Education and Leadership EDUP110 Module
Professional Practice/Development TQFU9E3 Module
Research EDURES Division
Research Design in TESOL TESPR01 Module
Research Methods in TESOL TESP015 Module
School Experience Evaluation EDUU9T7 Module
Teaching and Assessment TQFU9E2 Module
Teaching and Assessment TQFP002 Module
Teaching and Assessment 1 TQFU902 Module
Teaching and Assessment 1 TQFPP02 Module
Teaching English to Young Learners TESP003 Module
Teaching Qualification for FE EDUTQF Division
Technologies in the 21st Century Classroom TESPD04 Module
TESOL Methodology TESP002 Module
TESOL Methodology TESPD01 Module
TESPD4:Language and Discourse Analysis TESPD4 Module

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